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Rural Coast Area of Porto Cesareo

Far 500 mt. from sea, there are sweet declivities covered with century-old olive trees and Arneo Mediterran "Macchia", and the sea is located between most rich Salento parts of ancient traces, surfacing reefs and verdant island


Ethnic food of Salento, è is characterized by Mediterranean essence of our land.
A Gastronomy that increase the value of foods resources,which are in this area.

Just think to olive oil and wine, pillar of our cuisine and to all of this associating deliciousness offereb by our sea.

All of this shows natural good points of "Cesarea" in a magic atmosphere of refined elegance.

Plan your holidays between Feasts and Traditional Feasts
Festival of Fish
July 2009 - Porto Cesareo

Night of Taranta
August 2009 - Melpignano

Feast of S. Oronzo
August 2009 - Lecce

Festival of pummitoru schiattarisciatu
July 2009 - Aradeo

Festival of swordfish
July 2009 - Gallipoli

Feast of S. Cristina
July 2009 - Gallipoli


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